Friday, December 31, 2004

About This Site

My name is Holly M.A. Schwartz. I am engaged to a lucky bastard named Ben. We live in Columbus, OH. We've been together since September of 2000.

I am a media planner/buyer for an in-house advertising agency. I don't really fit the bill when it comes to the reg insight of a media planner and buyer. I actually do my job - sometimes.

In my deprived life before I moved here I was a swing manager at a McDonalds - for 6 1/2 years (Oh.My.Gaw) I lived and worked in the non-magical land, er, town of Muskogee, OK, for most of my life. Well, besides when I turned 20 and thought of how cool it would be to move to NY, which lasted all of 8 months. So back to Muskogee.. I worked with anyone from bible pushers to drug addicts, probably some prostitutes, who knows? My life was made up of smoking lots of pot and drinking. Somehow, my friend's (multiple, not just one friend) parents always thought I was a good influence. If you've ever had the nightmare of hearing the song "Okie from Muskogee", it's all true - if you're a redneck. That's why I moved.

I got ill my senior year and never graduated and still got my advertising gig that I have dreamt of since I was a kid. Well, ok, I didn't exactly dream of hitting the low level advertising gig but it's a start. Oh yes, and I also attended the Media Buying Academy boot camp.

Let's see. I was raised a southern Baptist, and was told that dancing and pre-marital sex was a sin. So was listening to vinyl records - "if you play them backwards, you can hear Satan" Blah. Not that it stopped me. I was doing the mattress mambo at the young age of 14. I still don't dance a lot in public. Not that I'm afraid of sinning.. just that I can't dance worth shit.

I moved to Columbus, OH after meeting up with a friend from the internet whom I had met 3 years before in a TalkCity chat room called Coffeehse and he had told me that the jobs are a lot better here and talked me into cutting my apron strings a month and a half later. After sleeping in separate rooms, as roomates, for 6 months, we finally gave in to each other as a whole and hence, Ben and I are now engaged.

I think that OSU is Hell on Earth. That is, especially if you are not a football fan - and college football at that. I think Columbus, OH needs to find a new hobby that doesn't include the word "Buckeye". GET OVER IT.

If you find yourself wondering why MooGoo? It's short for my nickname of Mooey Gooey. I loved the nickname so much that it stuck.

The point of this website is to record memories, present happenings and just about any damn thing I want to write about cuz it's mine, ALL MINE! I talk a lot about useless information, basically cuz I am useless. I love General Tso's Chicken, hot wings, oreos, mint chocolate chip icecream, my breasts, and all kinds of music. Oh, and I am always in the mood for sex and miss the whole 'making out' thing.

As for anything else that you might be wondering, hopefully it will all come into play as I get this thing started.

P.S. I'm all kinds of animal crackers